We know that in our market information on the production process is almost as secret as the recipe for a well-known cola-based drink. This seems rather understandable, but from our point of view not fair. First, to the consumer, who should know where her garment comes from. Secondly, to the production plant, which, if it does a good job, should also benefit from its work by receiving new orders. And thirdly, to our competitors, who themselves could improve with new and relevant information. We therefore want to make our production process transparent.


For our bikinis we only use the 390 VITA material from Carvico. It is spun from ECONYL® regenerated nylon, which is made by recovering nylon waste from landfills and oceans all over the world and processed into new high-quality nylon. The manufacturer himself calls this process regeneration, which describes best the attitude based on. The process is infinitely repeatable and thus enables a closed resource loop.

The material’s touch is like silk, it is thin enough to be used double and it is as dense as a wall. It exists in a large number of beautiful colours and sits on the body like a second skin.

Our material complies with OEKO-TEX Standard 100, is washable and ironable, and offers UPF 50+ sun protection. We love it!

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It is important to us to work together with a local partner. Both in terms of production and logistics. Firstly, because the distances become shorter and thus the CO2 footprint becomes smaller.

Secondly, traditionally German offers a lot of know-how in this sector, but it is almost to die out because nowadays lots of productions have moved abroad. So our choice to stay regional also has something to do with maintaining infrastructure.

And thirdly, cooperation will become easier because, especially in the rather difficult phase of development (and later on too!) face-to-face communication is valuable and important – and leads to a better result.

According to our attitude we are therefore very proud and happy to have found the perfect partner in WILHELM ZOURS GmbH. This company combines 50 years of experience in prosthetic swimwear and other kind of swimwear with the will and flexibility for cooperation with a small company. The company ZOURS not only produces our models, but also takes care of any further logistics, so that no more CO2-burdening steps are neccessary before our models arrive at our customers.

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